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unioNation First Album Available for Online Purchase, Digital Download 6/24/12

IAM’s unioNation Band’s first album (with President Greg Goold) is now available for purchase at www.unionation.com



Conservative Media's Favorite Economist Caught Distorting Facts About Taxes And Job Creation 7/28/14   

The original intent of Moore's Star op-ed was to garner support for tax cuts enacted over the past two years by Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS)...read


Business groups alarmed by rise of ‘micro-unions’ in workplace 7/28/14

NLRB first recognized the so-called micro-unions in 2011...read


Obama hits ‘unpatriotic’ tax loophole 7/28/14

Obama reiterated his call for Congress to pass legislation ending the “unpatriotic tax loophole” ...read


The Top 10 Reasons Why Some Folks Claim We Don't Need Unions Anymore. Bless Their Hearts 7/28/14

Hat tip to cartoonist Barry Deutsch and the Workonomics team at Upworthy for lifting up this gem of a comic...read


The Voice of Thomas the Tank Engine Quits Over 'Survival' Wages 7/28/14

I must now quit the show. It is embarrassing but the reason is that they are paying a very low wage...read


Obama hits ‘corporate deserters’ 7/25/14

President Obama increased the pressure on Congress to approve legislation targeting companies that change their address to slash their U.S. tax bill...read


Tell T-Mobile: Stop Exporting America's Jobs 7/25/14

T-Mobile call center closed because T-Mobile shipped 3,300 jobs to call centers overseas...read


Bloomsbury, N.J., Subway Workers Vote to Join Union 7/25/14

Notoriously anti-union Gov. Bill Haslam's family owns Pilot Flying J and workers at a Subway sandwich shop in the Pilot Flying J just voted to join the Union...read


Jan Schakowsky tries minimum wage 7/25/14

The states that have a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage have more job creation than states that don’t...read


Scholars Speak Out Against Troubling 'Corporate Courts' (ISDS) in TTIP 7/24/14

ISDS is a special legal right included in most U.S. trade agreements that allows foreign investors to challenge laws...read


Dignified Jobs and Decent Wages 7/22/14

The Next 50 Years of Civil Rights and Economic Justice...read


America’s Incredible Shrinking Overtime Rights Need an Update 7/22/14

only 18 percent of full-time workers have guaranteed overtime rights today...read


The Bottom Line: Apprenticeships are Good for Business 7/22/14

Employers are worried about finding and holding on to quality, skilled workers and economists warn of a widening skills gap...read


166 years After Seneca Falls, Working Women Live the Legacy of Collective Action 7/22/14

the first women’s rights conference in the United States...read


FLOC Organizer Punched: Tell Tobacco Firms to Curb Violence 7/22/14

Oscar Sanchez, a Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) organizer, was punched in the face by a representative of the Growers Association...read


AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council 7/22/14

The Union Veterans Council brings together union leaders and union members who are veterans to speak out on veterans’ issues...read


Defending Trade Unions While the Justices Are Away 7/22/14

general conservative attempt to remove trade unions entirely from the U.S....read


Workers At A Subway Sandwich Shop Vote To Unionize 7/22/14

A group of Subway sandwich makers just proved that it isn't impossible for fast food workers to unionize...read




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