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The new President and the Vice Presidents of the Missouri State Council of Machinists



On March 22, 2014 members, family and friends of the local participated in serving over 400 meals for lunch at the Hope Faith Ministry soup Kitchen.

This was our second event at Hope Faith the local has participated in.



There was even enough work for some of our members to help put pavers down for the up coming garden the Ministry intends to add this spring.

The local lodge thanks all those that helped out and help show case your local as we support our community.









McConnell, Priebus differ on cash limits 4/16/14

Priebus has called for scrapping limits altogether...read


Clock ticking on fix to Voting Rights Act 4/16/14

Time is running out for Congress to fix the Voting Rights Act...read


Wealthy donors pump money into super PACs as 2014 midterm contests heat up 4/16/14

Wealthy political donors pumped millions of dollars into Democratic and Republican super PACs in the first quarter of the year...read


GOP Rep: "We would undoubtedly see a drop in wages" with 'right to work' 4/16/14

The so-called 'right to work' bill mirrors model legislation written by corporations...read


Rowden Condemns Paycheck Deception Attacks as "Purely Political" 4/16/14

paycheck deception is a purely partisan attack on Missouri workers...read 


Happy Tax Day, and Why the Top 1% Pay a Lower Rate Than You Do 4/16/14

Many millionaires pay a lower federal tax rate than many middle-class Americans...read


Fox's Bolling: We Should Emulate China With No Labor Laws Or Minimum Wage 4/16/14

From the April 15 edition of Fox News' The Five: Video


Myths and Facts: Unions And Organized Labor 4/16/14

In recent months, conservative media figures have undermined efforts by labor groups to organize across the United States, demonizing labor unions in the process. These anti-union attacks are largely reliant on myths alleging negative side-effects of union participation...read


Local ALEC Leaders Come Up Short on 'Right to Work' Vote 4/10/14

Extremists failed to achieve the 82 votes required to advance the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) so-called ‘right to work’ legislation out of the Missouri House today...read


This Is Who They Are: The Republican Budget Vote 4/10/14

This is now viewed as something that identifies who we are...read


Workers’ Actions Bring Change to Walmart 4/10/14

Lots of women are afraid to even say they’re pregnant at Walmart, because they’re afraid they’ll lose their jobs or be forced to leave...read


All Senate Republicans Say ‘No’ to Paycheck Fairness 4/10/14

Today’s vote marks the third time in recent years that Republicans have killed legislation that could play a major role in closing the wage gap between men and women...read


Tell the House It’s Time to Act on Restoring Unemployment Benefits 4/10/14

The Senate passed a renewal of those vital benefits on Monday and that means the ball’s back in the House of Representative’s court and lawmakers need to hear from you...read


House Republicans to mark up union election bill 4/9/14

House Republicans plan to move forward Wednesday with legislation that would stop the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from speeding up union elections...read


Women senators demand paycheck fairness 4/9/14

We believe that women need a fair shot to get equal pay for equal work...read


Equal Pay Day: Bridging the Pay Gap Takes 3 Extra Months of Work 4/9/14

Most Republican members of Congress are opposed to the Paycheck Fairness Act...read


Senate OKs Jobless Benefits Renewal, Tell the House to Do the Same 4/9/14

House leaders have said they won’t take up the Senate bill, which provides retroactive benefits to Dec. 28...read


Another Right-Wing Talking Point Falls: Americans Work Hard Even on Vacation 4/9/14

most people in America work during their paid vacations...read


U.S. Corporations Now Hold Over $2 Trillion In Untaxed Profits Overseas: Study 4/9/14

Foreign profits held overseas by U.S. corporations to avoid taxes at home nearly doubled from 2008 to 2013 to top $2.1 trillion...read


Extremists Going 'All In' to Make Missouri the Most Anti-Worker State in the U.S. We Can Change That 4/9/14

Last week, the state House of Representatives passed a paycheck deception bill, sending it to the Senate for approval...read


Training @Work: Nights of Labor Studies 4/9/14

local partners with employers to provide an opportunity for their apprentices to earn an associate’s degree in labor studies...read


NCAA President Mark Emmert: Unionization 'Strikes Most People As ... Grossly Inappropriate' 4/7/14

If the NCAA loses the unionization fight or the lawsuit, filed by former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon, it could drastically alter the relationship between NCAA schools and 460,000 college athletes...read


Gingrich: Remove All Donation Limits To 'Equalize The Middle Class And The Rich' 4/7/14

more deregulation is necessary to "overnight, equalize the middle class and the rich."...read


If Walmart Paid Its Workers a Living Wage So They Wouldn't Need Food Stamps, How Much More Would It Cost Customers? (You'll Be Surprised) 4/7/14

Walmart passed on 100% of cost increases from raising employee salaries to a level where no full-time worker was eligible for food stamps, it would raise the cost of a box of macaroni and cheese by one cent...read


Young People Understand Unions Can Solve Problems 4/7/14

No matter how the NLRB and federal courts ultimately rule, the players’ action is remarkable for what it says about young people, higher education and the role of unions...read


National Groups Hiding in Plain Sight as Local ALEC Leaders Advance Anti-Worker Attacks 4/7/14

Speaker Jones described paycheck deception as another way to “skin the cat” and achieve the ultimate goal of ‘right to work’ in Missouri...read


House GOP Defunds Elections Integrity Unit 4/7/14

House Republicans are defunding the Elections Integrity Unit because they know it will show that there is no rampant voter fraud in Missouri. Republicans know it will destroy their argument for a super-strict photo ID law...read


Our Legislators Should Work For Us -- Not For CEOs 4/4/14

new series of ads explaining how so-called "right to work" would hurt Missouri's middle class by cutting workers' wages and benefits...read


Centrist Republicans cool to minimum wage hike compromise 4/4/14

“I think Nevada solved the problem,” said Heller...read


Northwestern football players call themselves union 'pioneers' 4/4/14

Northwestern University’s standout quarterback Kain Colter called himself and his former teammates “pioneers” in the effort to organize the first labor union for college athletes...read


Are Americans preparing adequately for retirement? 4/4/14

Headlines declare that today’s retirees are coming up short and that today’s workers face savings shortfalls in the trillions of dollars...read


The Roberts Court Tees Up The End Of Campaign Finance Reform In Its Latest Ruling 4/4/14

The Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission on Wednesday has potentially big implications for the future of limits on campaign money...read


UPS Fires Hundreds Of Workers Who Defended Fired Colleague 4/4/14

UPS has decided to fire 250 workers who staged a 90-minute protest in February...read


Press Release: Kander Statement on House Vote to Strip Funding from Elections Integrity Unit 4/3/14

“I am disappointed that Republicans in the Missouri House of Representatives are less interested in protecting the integrity of our elections...read


McCutcheon Is One of the Worst Supreme Court Decisions of All Time -- Here's What You Need to Know 4/3/14

McCutcheon v. FEC looked at the question of whether aggregate campaign contribution limits... You're already bored, aren't you?...read


Time to Take a Stand Against Money in Politics 4/3/14

President Theodore Roosevelt said, "All contributions by corporations to any political committee or for any political purpose should be forbidden by law."...read


Reid: Minimum wage vote may slip 4/2/14

consideration of minimum wage legislation might slip until the week of April 14...read


Corporate Lobbyists Assail Tax Overhaul They Once Cheered 4/2/14

the unofficial kickoff of a push to make sure that Mr. Camp’s tax plan dies...read


OSHA unveils new safety regs for power line workers 4/2/14

A final rule issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reflects the first update in 40 years of regulations governing workers...read


Reid: Ryan budget resembles ‘modern Koch-topia’ 4/2/14

Reid said the Ryan budget is a “Koch-topia,” because it helps the rich at the expense of the poor...read


Van Hollen: GOP budget is 'declaration of class warfare' 4/2/14

GOP's latest proposal would slash spending for Pell Grants, Head Start, food stamps and Medicaid ...read


Danger zone: America's retirement system is breaking down 4/1/14

only 18 percent of U.S. workers say they are very confident of having enough money to live comfortably during their retirement years...read


NLRB Charges Kellogg with Unlawful Conduct in Memphis Lockout 4/1/14

The NLRB complaint charges Kellogg with acting unlawfully when it made unlawful demands...read


Republican Bill Threatens Health Care for 1 Million Workers 4/1/14

With the 40-hour threshold, employers simply could cut workers back to a 39-hour week without a penalty...read


Minimum wage deal emerging? 4/1/14

Democrats already disagree among themselves over whether they should continue to stick to the $10.10 amount or try to work with Republicans on a lower figure...read


Unless You're Ridiculously Wealthy, I Have A Feeling This Graph Might Make You Pretty Angry 4/1/14

Have your wages gone up in the past few years?...read


Koch Brothers Accuse Democrats Of Being Backed By Evil Koch-Like Brothers 4/1/14

American Commitment ad juxtaposes Reid's comments about the Koch bothers...read





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